Apostolic Church USA

The Apostolic ChurchThe Apostolic Church – Glorious Vision USA
10540 Synott Avenue
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone: (281) 575-9356
Fax: (281) 495-1426
Pastor Paul A. Akindele, General Secretary

DC District HQ

Washington DC District Headquarters
24 Kennedy Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20111
Phone: (202) 722-5220
Fax: (202) 722-5245
Rev. Ebenezer O. Adeyinka,
District Apostle


The Apostolic church Washington, DC District started by the movement of the Holy Spirit on January 12, 1992 in a living room and has since expanded to a total of fifteen local assemblies spanning from the North to the southeast and mid-west in the United States. We are currently located in the following states: Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, Illinois and Michigan respectively, and we are believing God for greater expansions of this glorious vision in the years to come if Jesus tarries.

“History.” The Apostolic Church Washington DC. Web. <http://www.tacusawdc.org/history.htm>.

Northern VA Assembly

Northern Virginia Assembly
6650 Arlington Boulevard
P. O. Box 2455
Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone: (703) 822-4421
Rev. Emmanuel Falaye,
Minister In Charge

Richmond Assembly

Richmond Assembly
Ginter Park Presbyterian Church
3601 Seminary Avenue
Fax: (804) 261-4918
Rev. Emmanuel Olagunju,
Minister In Charge

VA Beach Assembly

Virginia Beach Assembly
2604 Ash Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704
Phone: (757) 673-2975
Rev. John Olukanni,
Minister In Charge

Mission Statement

To win the non-believers in and out of USA, bringing them into the fellowship of the body of Christ in a significant place of worship. Meeting both their spiritual and physical needs, and maintaining prophetic unity among churches.

Vision Statement

To reach out to the lost, and disciple those who believe in Christ Jesus as well as to prepare them for the Lord’s service and His Second coming.


The Apostolic Church fellowship began in the United States through unrelentless efforts of some of the members of the church that migrated into the United States some few decades ago from Africa.  The church though started as home fellowships in the apartments of the pioneer members in the states of New England, Middle Atlantic, Southern, Midwestern, Rocky Mountain, Southwestern and Pacific Coast; has continuously grow in leaps and bounds with properties being purchase for place of worship.  The church has since then being marching on to victory, while the stronghold of Satan is reclaimed for God’s kingdom on earth.

The Apostolic Church, USA (TACUSA) has its unique beginning similar to that of the early Jewish Christians who were dispersed throughout the Asian Minor from Jerusalem.  The Holy Spirit moved upon three individual Apostolic members (who came to further their education in the United States of America) dispersed into different states in the U.S.A. to start the ministry at their different locations just about the same time.  They were Brothers Gideon A. Akinlawon (now Apostle) in 1986 in Houston, Texas; Ebenezer O. Adeyinka (now Apostle) in 1989 in Paterson, New Jersey; and Timothy Olawuni (former Washington, D.C. District Apostle) in 1992.  These Pastors were ordained as Apostles in 2000 by Pastor E.E. Okon, President of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Pastor S.S. Jemigbon, Vice President of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria and LAWNA Chairman.

In response to an invitation from Pastor Gideon Akinlawon to The Apostolic Church in Nigeria for the first Thanksgiving and formal inauguration of the Assembly in Houston, Texas in November 1991, fourteen (14) delegates attended: including Pastors S.S. Jemigbon,  E.O. Arokodare (late), J.O. Olaninwa, J.A. Alalade, E. Isong (late); Deaconesses C. Jemigbon, E.O. Arokodare (late), Apiti (Republic of Benin); Brothers E.G. Bisong, D.P.O. Balogun (both Pastors now); Brother I.O. Olowogbade (now Deacon); Sisters A.O. Akinfenwa, A. Osinowo, and P. Omoniyi.

At the end of the Anniversary in Houston, Texas two (2) delegates, Pastors J.O. Olaninwa and J.A. Alalade traveled to New Jersey for a conference with Pastor E. O. Adeyinka, with a view of incorporating his ministry, “Rock of Ages International Fellowship” into The Apostolic Church body.  Pastor Adeyinka had no objection to this union and instantly (1991) adopted The Apostolic Church, USA (TACUSA).

To distinguish our church name from many other churches with similar name, the suffix, “Glorious Vision” which has been the a.k.a. of The Apostolic Church worldwide was adopted; hence, the church is now known as “The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision, USA”.  In December, 2006, the Lord blessed the Church with 116 acres of land in the State of Pennsylvania which shall be used as our International and General Convention Ground.

The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision, just like the biblical mustard seed sown continues to grow in leaps and bounds with more Assemblies planted and added to the Church across the continental USA.  From the three base-locations (now Districts), all other Assemblies in the USA have their roots.  The first combined and General Convention of the Church was held in Paterson, New Jersey on September 9 – 11, 1994.  The church has since grown to four (4) Districts, viz.: Texas, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and California.

The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision, USA receives spiritual guidance from The Apostolic Church in Nigeria.

The Apostolic Church as a Denominational Name was adopted in 1916 in the United Kingdom by the body of believers who had been led by God, subsequent to the Welsh Revival of 1904-05, into the truth of the Principles and Practices of the early Apostolic Church as contained in the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament.  In 1918 during the period of the Influenza epidemic in Nigeria, certain brethren began to practice Divine Healing as a result of which they had to withdraw from their denomination and from the “Diamond Society” due to the persecution from those who did not believe in Divine Healing.  In 1921 the “Diamond Society” became associated with the “Faith Tabernacle Congregation” of Philadelphia, U.S.A. because they also believed in Divine Healing: confessing and forsaking sins, in Tithes and Offerings, Baptism by Immersion, opposition to Divorce and re-marriage and other similar scriptural teachings.  They did not, however, believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with signs following.

On June 10, 1930 in Ilesha a great Revival started in the Churches in fellowship with “Faith Tabernacle Congregation” and much persecution resulted.  This revival was led by the late Evangelist Joseph Babalola.  Appeals for help to the leaders in Philadelphia went unheeded.  Correspondence had, however, been exchanged with the headquarters of The Apostolic Church in the British Isles and now an appeal was made to that body for assistance.  In response to the invitation three Missionary Delegates arrived in Lagos Nigeria on September 23, 1931.  They were the late Pastors D. P. Williams (President), A. Turnbull (Vice-President), and W.J. Williams (International Prophet).  God richly blessed their ministry and after an exchange of views on Doctrinal matters and other fundamental scriptural truths the Leaders of the Faith Tabernacle Congregation of Nigeria unanimously decided to affiliate with The Apostolic Church of Great Britain and adopted THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH as a Denominational Name together with its Principles and Practices.

One great factor that contributed to the growth of the Vision in Nigeria is the belief and acceptance of the Ministry of Apostleship and the Voice of the Lord through Prophetical Ministry.  The Vision has passed through turbulent times, particularly in 1931, 1940, and 1952, but the Voice has kept the Vision on till today.  Since those days God has raised up many faithful Nigerian Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers who have, under God, and in sincere cooperation with the many dedicated Missionaries from Overseas, been used to spread the Apostolic Truth to every part of Nigeria and other countries in West Africa.

Presently, The Apostolic Church in Nigeria is administered as a single entity by the National Council of The Apostolic Church Nigeria with Pastor E. E. Okon as National President.  The field work is organized in five sections: The Lagos and Western/Northern Areas Territory (LAWNA); Cross River State Field; the Igbo Field; the Maritime Field; and the Akwa Ibom Field.

The result is a thoroughly scriptural, and spiritually healthy indigenous fellowship bounded together with an unbreakable cord of love, which fellowship has made and will yet make a very great contribution to the progress of God’s work in Nigeria.  As the work progressed, in line with the provisions of The Apostolic Church Constitution, The Apostolic Church in Nigeria became an autonomous body in 1983 but continues in cooperation and exchange of spiritual experience with The Apostolic Church in the United Kingdom.

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