The Elizabeth Project

The Elizabeth Project is based on the biblical story of Mary and Elizabeth.  It pairs young pregnant women in need of love, support, and guidance (Marys) with compassionate Christian women (Elizabeths) who are willing to offer themselves as partners for the journey towards birth.

The pairs of women work together to make responsible decisions about prenatal care, childbirth, and childrearing during a three-month program.  Coming together with other pairs of women in small groups, they join activities, discussions, and personal sharing so that a supportive relationship grows within the group.  The friendships that develop can have life-changing, even life-saving possibilities.

The Elizabeth Project began as a United Methodist response to Virginia’s high rates of infant deaths and low birth weights.  It is now an ecumenical program sponsored by, and administered through the Virginia Council of Churches.  It provides a meaningful way for the entire faith community to address the tragedy of infant deaths.