Funding the Mission and Work of the Virginia Council of Churches

The Virginia Council of Churches is composed of thirty-eight governing bodies of eighteen Christian, Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant denominations in Commonwealth who provide annual funding for the basic operational budget that supports the General Minister, the VCC staff, and office expenses.  This core budget enables the Council to coordinate the ecumenical activities of its judicatory members, including disaster relief, plan and conduct workshops, seminars, and symposia on religious and other ethical questions facing the Christian church, and promote on a local, regional, and state level programs and activities that facilitate churches working and worshiping together.  Rural Family Development, Refugee Resettlement, Weekday Religious Education, and auxiliary programs receive operational support from federal, state, church, individual, and business sources.  A complete breakdown of income, sources, and expenditures may be found in the appendices.

In the past, judicatory contributions were sufficient to provide the funding of faith and order programs and social outreach ministries of the Council. However, as the ecumenical challenges and funding needs have grown, denominations have not been able to keep pace.  Therefore, VCC has begun to reach out to Christians across Virginia who believes in its ecumenical mission to financially support bringing the Christian family together.

Giving to the Virginia Council of Churches is a personal experience.  More than making a financial commitment, donors are choosing to help meet the ecumenical, spiritual, and human needs of fellow Virginians.  There are a number of ways individuals and businesses may consider providing financial support. No two gifts are exactly alike.  Each is a personal expression of the giver, and the VCC will help donors tailor their giving to suit their wishes within the program priorities of the Council.